June 24, 2012

How to configure Tata Photon Plus as a Wifi Router

I am using Tata Photon Plus for last 2 years. One problem I always faced was that I was not able to use it as wifi connection. And was not able to share the internet connection with my samsung galaxy mobile or other laptop and home PC. I was using a 3G connection for my mobile while I have unlimited internet usage in photon. This bothered me a lot and yesterday I put an end to it. Things I have done to use tata photon plus a  wifi router is as follows.

1. I bought a TPlink modem [Model number TL-MR 3200]. It's price was 1976 Rs with tax.
2. Connect the tata photon plus usb dongle [or any 3g USB stick with it]. 
3. Connect the router with your laptop using the ethernet cable which comes with it.
4. In any web browser open the url
Give the password [default admin/admin] there.
 5. Click on quick setup and create a 3G connection. Select the country India and Mobile ISP as Tata Photon +. All the other details for tata photon plus will be populated automatically[same thing is applicable for any 3g connection in india]. Select connection mode as "connect automatically"
6. click on wireless > wireless security. Give a password to secure the wifi connection.

And wow , you are ready with your tata photon plus wifi. Connect andy laptop or wifi mobile with this network with the password.


  1. can u tel me how to do it in a pc ... i hav a tata photon + nd a digisol 3g wifi router
    please help me to configure it

  2. Hey Do not a wifi router if you are using laptop, you can make your laptop wifi into wifi router by network manager.
    or Simply Download MyPublicWiFi It is freeware. After installing it click on start connection. That's it. Lol

  3. plz.. tell me .can i connect tata photon plus to tp link with 2g connection

  4. ya
    try it don't worry its so simple

  5. just connect your router with PC via LAN
    set your PC IP with router IP series/ ex. router IP than PC ip will be
    subnat mask add. will be same as router.
    go to Internet page. type (that is your router IP)
    you will be asked for ID password that is your default id/pass of router.
    that go to quick setup network. choose your region and operator network. you will have default settings of network. save it.
    go to wireless settings for connect and disconnection for your dongle.
    Note. main thing is IP add. and subnet mask add. see default router IP/subnet/userid/password. it will be very usefull.
    if you will not get it mail me.