June 24, 2012

How to configure Tata Photon Plus as a Wifi Router

I am using Tata Photon Plus for last 2 years. One problem I always faced was that I was not able to use it as wifi connection. And was not able to share the internet connection with my samsung galaxy mobile or other laptop and home PC. I was using a 3G connection for my mobile while I have unlimited internet usage in photon. This bothered me a lot and yesterday I put an end to it. Things I have done to use tata photon plus a  wifi router is as follows.

1. I bought a TPlink modem [Model number TL-MR 3200]. It's price was 1976 Rs with tax.
2. Connect the tata photon plus usb dongle [or any 3g USB stick with it]. 
3. Connect the router with your laptop using the ethernet cable which comes with it.
4. In any web browser open the url
Give the password [default admin/admin] there.
 5. Click on quick setup and create a 3G connection. Select the country India and Mobile ISP as Tata Photon +. All the other details for tata photon plus will be populated automatically[same thing is applicable for any 3g connection in india]. Select connection mode as "connect automatically"
6. click on wireless > wireless security. Give a password to secure the wifi connection.

And wow , you are ready with your tata photon plus wifi. Connect andy laptop or wifi mobile with this network with the password.

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  1. can u tel me how to do it in a pc ... i hav a tata photon + nd a digisol 3g wifi router
    please help me to configure it